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Methadone is often used to reduce and eventually remove dependence of opioids so it’s used in treatment for opioid addiction. Unfortunately, people can develop addiction to the replacement drug as well. This drug is also a painkiller so the regular abstinence treatment just won’t work and might even cause considerable discomfort and pain to our clients. Our carefully crafted treatment program helps patient addicted to methadone recover fully and permanently.



Cocaine started out as a treatment option and was widely used in consumer products like soft drinks and medications. It was also recommended to counteract substance abuse and addiction, but governments and medical professionals soon realized just how damaging this substance can be. It delivers a rush and consumers often feel energetic and active. Most cocaine available today is combined with other drugs and is even more dangerous. We provide tailored treatment that’s specifically designed to remove cocaine addiction.



Alcohol is freely accessible and doesn’t have the stigma that’s attached to drugs. Alcohol is also more affordable, which makes it easier for people to fall back into the habit of drinking and become addicted once again. Drinking at social events and parties also makes it difficult for people to abstain, which is why we work with clients and ensure they are able to remain free of addiction in the long-term.



Most people believe that you can’t be addicted to marijuana and it’s often considered the lesser evil when it comes to drugs. Unfortunately, that’s not true and marijuana can cause addiction in many people. The physical dependency on marijuana is usually mild but a select few do develop craving for this substance. Our comprehensive and personalized drug addiction treatment can help you or your loved one overcome this.



Methamphetamine is a class of amphetamine and is also used to treat ADHD as well as obesity in the US. It’s highly addictive and very difficult to recover from, which is why this drug is illegal in Canada and can’t be prescribed to patients. Unfortunately, many people still gain access to and use it for recreational purposes because they want to experience the rush and euphoria that comes with consumption. We provide holistic solutions will help you or your loved one remove this addiction completely.



Heroin is a highly addictive drug and millions of people fall prey to it every year. While this drug is easy to get addicted to, it’s very difficult to recover from. The withdrawal symptoms are intense and can even be fatal if the treatment and withdrawal process isn’t monitored carefully. We provide carefully supervised heroin addiction treatment and work hard to ensure our clients recover completely and permanently.


Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction can include addition to recreational drugs like heroine and prescription opioids like Percocet and morphine. All addiction is very harmful and can be detrimental to your physical and psychological health. Most clients experience dependency on both levels and can make it very difficult to shun the habit and get on the road to recovery. Our supervised treatment plans will approach the addiction from multiple directions with our holistic solutions for addiction rehab in Toronto. With our help, you can keep addiction at bay over the long term and be safe from relapse.


Prescription Drug Addiction

Sometimes prescription drugs are the only way to deal with pain or chronic health problems. Unfortunately, it’s easy to become addicted these drugs and get into that lifestyle. Doctors prescribe opioids for pain relief, sedatives for anxiety and insomnia, and stimulants for concerns like ADHD. All of these medications are addictive if not used in a controlled manner. We provide solutions and supervised treatment to ensure you recover from this addiction and don’t face too many withdrawal problems.



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Solutions for concerned parents and friends

It’s not easy to witness the signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction in a loved one. These problems can damage relationships, create chaos in personal life, and ruin professional life as well. Most want to help their loved ones but don’t know how to approach the situation without upsetting them. Unfortunately, people suffering from substance abuse problems find it very difficult to confront the issue so it’s not easy to convince them that they need help.

Substance abuse and addiction doesn’t just have an impact on the patient’s metal and physical health, it can also have an impact on relationships between loved ones and place considerable strain on everyone. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we work with you on the underlying emotional and psychological consequences of addiction. Our priority is always to understand the reason and cause of addiction. Once we understand the reason, we can approach it reasonably and ensure your loved one receives the best possible treatment.

We believe in developing self-awareness and confidence in young adults so they can recognize their own vulnerability to addiction and control it. Self-motivated control and abstinence is the healthiest and most effective way to handle drug addiction and keep it at bay in the long term. We also encourage parents, friends, partners, and loved ones to become a part of the healing process as patients respond to treatments better if they have a strong support system to help them. Being part of the healing process can also help repair relationships damaged by the addiction and substance abuse.

The Treatment Process For Addiction

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we provide a diverse range of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Our solutions are tailored according to the inpatient client’s problems and concerns, so we provide solutions that work on a personal level. We also encourage the entire family to become involved in the process, which increases the chances of our success. Our staff approaches all addiction problems in a holistic manner and will empower the clients to handle their own addiction. We provide the right tools and techniques required sustain long-term recovery and heal broken relationships.

We treat different kinds of addictions like alcohol, cocaine, opioids, prescription drugs, amphetamine, and marijuana addiction, etc, and are aware of the problems associated with all. Different types of addictions require different treatment processes because the underlying issue can vary. Our experts will dig deep to understand what caused the addiction and address that as a part of our treatment.

We conduct a thorough assessment of the clients and their family members when they walk into our facility. We assess the patient and their family in separate locations to ensure all the conversations are honest and straightforward. This helps us devise a treatment plan that has the highest likelihood of success. Our experts will use a combination of traditional addiction treatment solutions combined with holistic cultural, spiritual, and social programs to help inpatient individuals to recover from addiction and develop healthy habits. This helps individuals establish long-term checks and helps them identify eminent relapse early.

We provide a relaxing and comfortable environment to clients and help them recover from alcohol and drug addiction in a natural and holistic way. Our goal is to achieve long-term effects instead of just short term recovery. We want our clients to be addiction-free even after they have left our facility.


We have a caring and compassionate staff that understands this is a difficult time for you and will offer support by answering your questions and concerns.Our facility doesn’t have a waiting list and you or your loved one will be admitted within 24 hours. We’re available for interventions and will help you convince your loved one that they need treatment.You can call us anytime you need help. We’re available 24/7 and 365 days of the year.


We offer personalized and individualized approach to treatments and will come up with solutions that work for you or your loved one. We believe there’s no one-size fits all solution for addiction; and consider the clients’ social, psychological, physical, cultural, and spiritual circumstances before we develop a treatment plan.


If you want to know more about the addictions we treat at Addiction Rehab Toronto, please get in touch with us by calling 1 (855) 999-9098 or send an email to

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