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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

What is alcohol addiction?

It’s not easy to distinguish between regular alcohol consumption and addiction. Different people metabolize alcohol differently, which is why it’s essential to keep an eye on the symptoms. Experts recommend not exceeding 14 units per week and ensuring you spread the consumption throughout the week instead of consuming the entire quantity at once. If you limit yourself to this, you can avoid addiction. If you regularly consume more than 14 units per week, you are at serious risk of alcohol addiction.

Why is professional treatment important?

Alcohol addiction treatment requires commitment, resolve, and constant monitoring, which why you need professional assistance. Trained counselors and professionals will slowly and steadily remove your dependence on alcohol and ensure you develop the mental fortitude to resist temptation.

Attempting to deal with alcohol addiction without professional assistance can have mixed results; and can also place your personal, professional, as well as your financial well-being at risk. It can place a great strain on your family and friends, and damage your relationships. Professional treatment is the only way to emerge from addiction with a stronger mindset and better control over your life.

What’s involved in professional treatment?

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we understand that alcohol addiction can be very difficult to handle because alcohol doesn’t have the same level of stigma attached to it as other addictive substances. It’s also very difficult to abstain from consuming alcohol because it’s almost always present in social event and gatherings. Our approach to alcohol addiction is holistic and is aimed to strengthen the mind and resolve. We provide individuals with the ability to monitor their vulnerabilities and prevent future relapse. Our treatment for alcohol addiction includes:

  • Thorough alcohol detox if needed
  • Group therapy with people facing the similar alcohol addiction problems
  • Individual therapy for personalized care and support
  • Art and music therapy to inspire creativity and keep the mind engaged
  • Self-portrait photography to improve self-reflection and awareness
  • Physical fitness including Pilates and advice on nutrition
  • Yoga and meditation to help improve physical and mental balance and fitness
  • Recreational programs to keep the mind engaged
  • Family counseling to help heal relationships
  • Lifetime aftercare program to ensure patients don’t slip into bad habits

These are just some of the many programs we include in our customized treatment plans. Our goal is to understand the underlying cause of addiction and address that instead of just treating the surface symptoms.

What are the signs you need to look out for?

  • Drinking at inappropriate times and inappropriate places
  • Uncontrolled spurts of temper and reckless behavior
  • Irresponsible behavior towards personal, professional, and financial aspects of life
  • Disregard for personal health and well-being

If you spot any of these signs in yourself or your loved one, you need to seek assistance immediately. If you want to know more about the addictions we treat, please get in touch with us by calling 1 (855) 999-9098 or send an email to

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This place is wonderful my daughter went here for treatment. The staff is great

John Vick

I was struggling with extreme alcohol abuse for years, leading up to earlier this year. I finally made the decision to enter rehab. it was the first facility to accept me. My stay there was life changing. The staff were ALL awesome, and skilled.


Amazing experience all around. I can’t say enough about the care and support I got from the recovery Monitering program. My case manager truly went above and beyond for me, and remains a friend and guiding light as I continue this journey.