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Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

What is Amphetamine Addiction?

Amphetamine is a prescription medication often used to treatment problems like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, sleep disorders, and other such conditions. It’s an effective medicine if you take it in prescribed amounts and control your consumption of it. Unfortunately, it’s quite addictive and it’s easy to fall into the habit of consuming too much. Amphetamine induces a feeling of euphoria and makes you feel empowered, which can be especially addictive to people suffering from sleeping disorders and ADHD.


Eventually people develop resistance to amphetamine and need to consume more in order to get the same effect. That can lead to drug addiction and eventual overdose. That’s why you need to contact a professional the moment you notice signs of amphetamine addition.

How do we approach amphetamine addiction?

Just treating the outward symptoms of addiction doesn’t work and inpatient individuals often relapse soon after they step outside facility. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we believe in a multidirectional approach that aims to achieve holistic healing. Our programs will include:


  • Individual therapy ensures inpatient individuals have ample support and a private setting to discuss their problems.
  • Group counseling provides the individuals with support from people in the same situation. Companionship from peers can help in recovery.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to reduce negative thoughts and behaviors and helps inpatient individuals develop more positive habits.
  • Yoga and meditation therapy can help individuals gain physical and mental balance.
  • Stress and pressure is often one of the leading causes of addition and life management courses can help inpatient individuals to become better equipped to handle it.
  • Physical fitness and nutrition have a big impact on physical and mental health and help individuals recover from drug addiction.
  • Recreational activities keep the individual’s mind engaged and happy.


These are just some of the many programs we can include in our amphetamine treatment plans. Every individual needs a personalized and customized approach to this problem so our experts take time to understand the underlying cause of the addiction before they create a plan.

What signs do you need to look out for?

  • The user feels empowered and superior, so they’re more prone to mentally and physically abusing people close to them.
  • They also experience volatile mood swings, temper, hallucinations, and paranoia, which can take its toll on their professional and personal life.
  • People with amphetamine abuse problems often have compromised judgment and will take risks with their life and well-being. These individuals have a higher risk of contracting HIV because of unprotected sex or sharing needles.
  • It’s also very easy to accidentally overdose on amphetamines, which can place the life of the addicted individual at risk.


If you notice increased volatile and reckless behavior in a loved one and see signs of addition, you need to stage an intervention and seek help as soon as you can.  If you want to know more about the addictions we treat at Addiction Rehab Toronto, please get in touch with us by calling 1 (855) 999-9098 or send an email to

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This place is wonderful my daughter went here for treatment. The staff is great

John Vick

I was struggling with extreme alcohol abuse for years, leading up to earlier this year. I finally made the decision to enter rehab. it was the first facility to accept me. My stay there was life changing. The staff were ALL awesome, and skilled.


Amazing experience all around. I can’t say enough about the care and support I got from the recovery Monitering program. My case manager truly went above and beyond for me, and remains a friend and guiding light as I continue this journey.