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Meth Addiction Treatment

What is Meth Addiction?

Methamphetamine, often known as crystal meth, is a class of amphetamine that is used to treat problems like sleeping disorders, obesity, ADHD, etc, in some parts of the world and this includes the United States. Meth is banned in Canada and doctors will often prescribe alternative forms of medicine in order to treat the problem and this can include other amphetamines. Meth is banned in Canada and limited in the US because it has severe effects and a high possibility of addiction.


This drug is called “speed” because it speeds up the central nervous system and provides a rush of euphoria. The rush also provides a feeling of empowerment, which can make this drug extremely addictive and hard to resist. Recovering from addiction can also be a very trying process with higher risk of relapse.


How do we approach meth addiction?

At Addition Rehab Toronto, we approach addition from multiple directions using individualized programs. Our goal is to increase the patient’s level of self-awareness and give them the tools to ensure they can control their own addiction after they leave our facility. We believe that just treating the surface symptoms of drug addiction isn’t enough and that we need to dig deep in order to reach the root cause of the problem. Here are some things we include in our treatment process:


  • Individual, family, and group counseling to provide the inpatient individual with both personal and social support during their recovery.
  • Physical fitness and exercise programs to help the individuals focus on their health and well-being. Exercise often encourages our clients to become more personally invested in their health and reduces the chances of relapse.
  • Yoga and meditation are both known to help restore the physical and mental balance.
  • Art and music therapy helps inspire creativity and ensure their minds is engaged at all times.
  • Aftercare to ensure they don’t relapse and face drug addiction once again.
  • Self-portrait photography is a way to increase self-awareness and watch the physical improvement as they recover from their addiction.


As you can see, our treatment programs for meth addiction are quite comprehensive and holistic. When the individuals walk out of our door, they have the tools and the strength to prevent relapse and get their life back on track.

Do you need professional treatment?

Meth addition is difficult to handle and recovery can be dangerous. Relapse is highly likely and if there’s no one to keep an eye on the progress, the addicted individual can easily overdose in order to experience the same rush from meth. Professionals will keep an eye out for the signs and ensure the individuals remain on track with their recovery. They’ll also know how to deal with relapses without causing any further harm to the body or mind.


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This place is wonderful my daughter went here for treatment. The staff is great

John Vick

I was struggling with extreme alcohol abuse for years, leading up to earlier this year. I finally made the decision to enter rehab. it was the first facility to accept me. My stay there was life changing. The staff were ALL awesome, and skilled.


Amazing experience all around. I can’t say enough about the care and support I got from the recovery Monitering program. My case manager truly went above and beyond for me, and remains a friend and guiding light as I continue this journey.