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Opioid Addiction Treatment

What is Opioid Addiction?

Opioids are available in both legal and illegal forms and both have the potential of being abused. Illegal and banned class of opioid drugs include heroin, which is dangerously addictive and can cause serious long-term health problems. Legal but controlled form of opioids are medications like morphine and Percocet, which are prescribed to patients with a number of health concerns. Prescription opioids are just as addictive as illegal opioids so it’s essential to monitor their use and consumption carefully.


Opioids deliver the feeling of euphoria and giddiness and dependence of these substances can be both physical and psychological. If you don’t start treatment quickly, you’ll cause permanent damage to your body. It’s vital to get treatment as soon as you see or experience signs of opioid addiction.

People struggle with an opioid addiction if they experience these signs:


  • Their prescription pills have run out ahead of schedule and they need to rush to the doctor to get more.
  • They need to visit different doctors for more prescriptions in order to avoid suspicion.
  • They steal medication from other people.
  • They feel sick, depressed, anxious, and irritable when they don’t have access to the opioids.
  • Their personal and professional relationships suffer.

How do we approach Opioid addiction?

Opioid addiction requires a well-planned treatment strategy in order to ensure that individuals can recover completely and in a holistic manner. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, our goal is to arm inpatient individuals with the right tools and mental fortitude to handle addiction related problems in the long-run. We carefully assess the client and their family to determine the root cause of the addiction before we develop a plan that can help. Here’s what we include in our plans:


  • Professionally supervised detox if needed. This will remove traces of chemicals left behind by the opioids and help the body recover.
  • Individual counseling to provide a private and personal platform to clients and help them overcome their problems.
  • Family and group counseling to provide clients with a support structure that can help them with long-term recovery and even prevent relapse.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy to turn all negative influences and thoughts into positive influences.
  • Yoga and meditation therapy that can help clients attain better physical and mental stability and balance.
  • Life management courses to help manage triggers like stress, anxiety, pressure, etc.
  • Physical fitness and nutrition along with recreational activities to keep the mind and body engaged.
  • Relapse prevention education to ensure clients identify symptoms of eminent relapse and take the right steps to prevent it.
  • Aftercare to provide continued support and ensure clients stay on the right path.

Do you need professional treatment?

Recovering from opioid addiction and dealing with withdrawal symptoms without supervision can be very dangerous. Many people overdose or harm themselves instead of recovering. A safe environment with professional supervision is the best way to handle addiction in Canada.


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This place is wonderful my daughter went here for treatment. The staff is great

John Vick

I was struggling with extreme alcohol abuse for years, leading up to earlier this year. I finally made the decision to enter rehab. it was the first facility to accept me. My stay there was life changing. The staff were ALL awesome, and skilled.


Amazing experience all around. I can’t say enough about the care and support I got from the recovery Monitering program. My case manager truly went above and beyond for me, and remains a friend and guiding light as I continue this journey.